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Special Leis

Thumbnail Bozo Lei $58.00
Colorful lei woven with ropes of Hawaiian clover flowers......

Thumbnail Fragrant Micronesian Ginger Lei $55.00
Extremely fragrant lei made from the buds of White Micronesian Ginger. Seasonal availability......

Thumbnail Kika - Cigar Flower Lei $58.00
Beautifully woven lei, made from the small tubular Hawaiian Cigar Flower, Kika......

Thumbnail Maunaloa Lei $65.00
This extremely elegant and intricate lei in the Maunaloa style, made from the deep colored lip portion of the orchid flower, is durabl.....

Thumbnail Red Tipped Micronesian Ginger Lei $58.00
Extremely fragrant lei made from white and red Micronesian Ginger buds......

Thumbnail Twisted Ti Leaf Lei $35.00
Long lasting lei made from twisted green ti leaves. For men......

Thumbnail Vanda Orchid Lei $75.00
This extremely elegant and lush lei is made from the beautiful vanda orchid flower. It is durable and beautiful......



Please place your orders in advance. FedEx from Hawaii is overnight to the West Coast and 2 business days to the east coast. We do not ship fresh leis over the weekend. All fragrant leis, Plumeria leis, Ti Leaf Leis, and certain kind of fresh leis can only be shipped to the west coast from Hawaii because of fragility and freshness.

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